Experience Matters


Expressions Cabinetry owner and lead designer Lane Pressley has over 30 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry, having designed hundreds of kitchens and baths for homeowners, contractors, architects and designers throughout Western North Carolina. We are not limited by the size of the project and we do new construction as well as remodeling projects. 

We offer a wide range of style and budget options from several cabinet manufacturers including framed and European frameless cabinetry. We have a virtually endless variety of stains, paints, finish enhancements (glaze), and distressing (well used or aged look). Many different wood species and laminates are also available for your project.

We work hard to make the cabinet selection process an easy and enjoyable experience. We are happy to assist you with your cabinet designs and selections. From creating the ideal appearance for your kitchen, bath, utility room, office or entertainment center to picking out the ideal wood grain and style for your home, we are here to help. Our customized, detailed drawings will show you how your newly installed cabinets will appear in your home at completion. 

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Who Are We?

Lane Pressley - Lead Designer

I designed my first kitchen in 1988. It was cathartic to see something that I had drawn by hand on a blank sheet of paper come to life in someone's home.  To see their smile and realize that I had helped them realize a dream.  Since then I have done hundreds of projects ranging from small to large.  Large projects do not scare me and small projects interest me as much as large ones do.   

Angela Pressley - Glass Artist

Angela Pressley has been providing stained glass and cut glass panels for our customers for over 15 years. She enjoys working with our clients to create one of a kind accent pieces that enhance the beauty of their project . 

My Design Philosophy

There Are Three Types of Designers:

THE DICTATOR:   Many designers forget who hired them, who owns the home and will be signing the check. They design THEIR dream - not yours - and try to force their ideas on you.  

THE YES MAN:   Other designers are basically order takers - not designers.  They just blindly write down what you want, but never explain why something might not be a good idea. When it doesn't work, you hear, "That's what you said you wanted. Its not my fault." 

THE PARTNER:  I will take your ideas and listen to your dreams will try my best to fulfill all of those. Sometimes we may have to say no - but I will tell you why.  Or we will find a way that works for you.  I will try to fill in the gaps where they exist. Sometimes you have some parts of the puzzle, but need help with a few others.  But I will not let you step off the edge of a design cliff  without at least warning you what will happen.   Then, if you still decide to jump - we'll jump together - as partners.